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Final WW Update…

This was posted by the Elders on the BBB boards…
Farwell for now all my whuddle friends ;_;
EDIT: Apparently they are going to keep our accounts and items intact for when the hopefully re-open!
-sighs in relief-

Dear Citizens,

After many, many days and weeks spent with every Elder doing his or her
best to find creative solutions for the company’s current funding
issues, we’ve reached an unfortunate deadline there is little we can do
to avoid at this time. While we still have several individuals and
companies looking at picking up WhuddleWorld from where we’ve left off,
none of them are going to be able to make that decision in the next
“day or two” – these things take time, planning and a great deal of

The sad fact remains, however, that this means that WhuddleWorld will
be closing its portal effectively on April 30th, 2007 with an
undetermined re-opening date.

Registrations will be disabled this evening (Tuesday, April 24th) and
the site will become completely inaccessible as of Monday (30th).

The company’s corporate web site will remain online, along with an
informational area that you will be able to check for news on the
current status of the site.

Please know that the entire team of Elders is deeply saddened in having
to make this announcement to all of you. For us, while it was a
business, it was always, first and foremost, a “labour of love”. We
will miss each of you very much and we will miss this community more
than you can imagine.

We remain hopeful, however, that WhuddleWorld is not closing its doors
for good and we hope that you’ll continue to check back periodically
for news on our status.

~The Elder Council

A heartful thank you to each of you who have become a part of this
truly wonderful community. We hope that you each will take the “spirit”
of this community with you as you visit other places on the Internet.


April 24, 2007 at 8:54 pm 10 comments

New WW Items

These items are the latest in spring fashion for Whuddles!

Striped 3/4-Sleeved Shirt (Female – Civvies)
Tan Cowboy Boots (Unisex – Civvies)
White Tights (Female – Plain Stitches)
They also come in Green!
Plain Yellow Leggings (Female – Plain Stitches)
They also come in Mauve!

April 23, 2007 at 11:04 pm 2 comments

Sad WW News…

This was posted by Elder Lyrael and is quite disheartening news 😦
Hopefully something saves this cute site from the depths of extinction.

With Heavy Heart…
It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to all of you.

I would like to start out by saying the each member of the development team (aka: The Elder Council)
feels privilged to have worked on this site for the little over two
years we’ve all been involved. Each one of you that have joined and
participated in our “little community” have made our “jobs” enjoyable,
fulfilling and rewarding. (Yup, even on the bad days!).

However, as you may have noticed, there has been some lessening in
activity from the Elders over the past month, and there was a reason
for this. WhuddleWorld has been running out of funding resources and
the entire team, to some degree, while continuing to work on new
features and items for all of you to enjoy, has also been busy trying
to help us secure new sources of investment to help keep the site up
and running.

Unfortunately, we are running out of time and it looks like
WhuddleWorld may be going through some large changes in the upcoming

1) Most of the development team will be moving on in the very near
future to seek other employment opportunities – though every ONE of
them has agreed to volunteer as much as they could around their other
committments. (Family, new jobs…)

2) We have several other companies interested in absorbing some part or
possibly all of WhuddleWorld as part of their operations. While these
possiblities are worked through, it is like that as early as April
31st, 2007, the site may be offline
(unavailable) for a period of time.

NOTE: When and if this happens a placeholder page will remain with updated information about what the status of the site is.

3. We will be taking Dazzledab purchasing offline entirely tomorrow (Friday, April 13th, 2007).
We are doing this because Dazzledab purchases are meant to be used
actively on the site and if we know or believe WhuddleWorld may not be
available after the 31st for even a short period of time, it would not
be fair to all of you to ask you to purchases resources you would be
unable to use as expected.

We still remain hopeful that _something_ may happen to change this
situation in the near future, however, we could not, in all good
conscience, not provide an opportunity for each of you to share your
thoughts, feelings and say any goodbyes, etc. that you might want in
the case that WhuddleWorld does have to close its doors.

We will be opening up a ‘Feedback‘ topic tomorrow. I ask that each of you please, respect the “Terms of Service” and keep your comments to the subjects of sharing your thoughts and messages with one another, rather than crowding this with nonsensical or “spammy” type posts that will force us to close it back up again.

As silly as this may sound, please know that the Elders each care about
this site and each of you that have become a part of it very much, and
we will miss you all, and our work on WhuddleWorld, very much as well.

~Elder Lyrael and The Elder Council

April 12, 2007 at 10:07 pm 7 comments

BOFA Day Prizes

Well BOFA Day has come to an end so it’s time
for me to post all the new items and prizes ^_^

Congrats to the Top 100 Egg Hunters!

Top 100 Egg Hunters Prizes:

BOFA Bunnies Bookmark
+5o Experience Points

(All eggs are storable and edible, except the GOLD ones.)

Pink Painted Egg

Yellow Painted Egg

Aqua Painted Egg

Green Painted Egg

Red Painted Egg

Purple Painted Egg

Blue Painted Egg

Golden Egg
(These contain one of the following prizes below.)

Chocolate Bunny

Green Frosted Cupcake

Blooming Tulip Garden

BOFA Day Basket

April 12, 2007 at 10:00 pm 4 comments

New WW Items ^_^

Whehehe some cute new items where added to WW recently!

Located in Civvies:

Shocking Tee Combo (Male Whuddles Only)

Yellow Pleated Miniskirt (Female Whuddles Only)

Slim-fit Jeans (Female Whuddles Only)

Located in The Curiosity Shoppe:

Bunny Ears Headband

April 6, 2007 at 10:44 pm 7 comments

WW announces Bofa Day!

From The Elders on the BBB Boards:

Bofa Day is coming!

Bofa Day (Breath of Fresh Air Day) is a WhuddleWorld
holiday which heralds the coming of Spring. This year, as is tradition,
this special occasion will be celebrated with a community-wide egg hunt!

In anticipaton of this event the Bofa Bunny is asking for your help to
prepare for the Egg Hunt! To find out just how you can help, please
talk to the Bofa Bunny in Pine Park.

OOC Information
This event will take place in two (2) parts:

Part 1 – Egg Preparation
From: April 4th – 8th, 2007

The Bofa Bunny will be accepting eggs from Citizens until 11:59 pm on April 8th. In order to participate in the actual Egg Hunt you will need to have turned in at least one (1) painted egg to the Bofa Bunny by then. (Visit the Bofa Bunny for more details.)

NOTE: You will still be able to get and paint eggs once the
hunting portion of the event has commenced, however the Bunny WILL NOT
accept eggs after April 8th.

AGAIN – In order to participate in the Egg Hunt portion of the Bofa
Day event you MUST have assisted the Bofa Bunny in preparing the eggs.

Part 2 – The Bofa Day Egg Hunt
From: April 9th – morning of April 11th, 2007

All Citizens who assisted in the egg preparations will be treated to a WhuddleWorld-wide Bofa Egg Hunt!

(Details will be provided on April 9th, 2007)

Rewards will include some fun and yummy treats and a special prize to
the top 100 Egg Finders (those who find the most Bofa Eggs)

Items Associated with the Quest:

Empty Bottle
Bottle of Water
Hard-Boiled Egg
Artistic Paint Brush
ANY Color of Paint

April 4, 2007 at 11:01 pm 42 comments

April Charm Set

New April Charms:

Toy Box Charms
Jack-in-the-Box Charm
Cost: $3.00
Dolly Charm
Cost: $5.00
Robot Charm
Cost: $10.00
Sock Monkey Charm
Cost: $15.00
I bought teh Monkeh! Whehehe! ♥

April 1, 2007 at 11:18 pm Leave a comment

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